About us

Hi and welcome to Picocado!

First of all, we just want to say how thankful we are for you to be here!

Do you also get a little tired of the idea of ​​instruction manuals, tutorials, and expensive camera equipment? We get you, and that's why we created Picocado. We found out that there is an easy way to make your photos look like your favorite influencer or other talented creators!

Our vision is that everyone should be able to get stunning photos and that it shouldn't take much more time than a click! Life is too short to stare into a screen. You are meant for so much more!
Go out, experience, and discover the world - and let Picocado take care of the rest!

/Team Picocado 🥑⚡️

PS. Feel free to share your photos with us on Instagram under #picocado or tag us and be inspired by others at @picocado